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Virtual Reality Licensing

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Lightning Rock Virtual Reality Experts

About Us

Lightning Rock is a software development company that owns Metaphysica, and specializes in Virtual Reality Development.

Our journey started like many indie game companies, with the founders working from their lounge room. Since then, we have become a renowned and respected VR company that delivers immersive and spectacular VR experiences worldwide.

Our team has custom-designed and developed numerous VR escape rooms, games, and experiences that you may have enjoyed or come across.


If you would like to learn more about us or try out our VR experiences at your location contact us via the form below.

Who is Lightning Rock

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More Flexibility

Our software lets you choose from a variety of map sizes.

When you launch a game you can choose from ether 6 X 6m, 6 X 4m or  teleport.

Some of our games also have options for difficulty ratings. Offering an additional challenge for those players looking for that extra step!

Advanced Supervisor

We offer your staff a variety of effortless camera options, time management tools, built-in walk-throughs and guides, and advanced controls that allow them to automatically solve puzzles, provide hints, or progress to the next level.

Our system is designed to be highly user-friendly, enabling your staff to receive training on its usage in a quick and simple manner.

Hardware Monitoring

With our management software, you can monitor your hardware comprehensively, enabling you to identify potential issues before they occur.

Our software maintains a repository of historical data for several months, outlining the performance of your PCs.


This data is presented graphically, and can be compared over time, streamlining the troubleshooting process and simplifying the identification of changes and their timelines.


Something for everyone

Our experiences go beyond just Escape Rooms. Our goal is to provide options that meet your needs every day of the week.


From action and shooting games for exciting evening tournaments, to education and fitness programs for weekday sessions, and not forgetting amazing escape rooms and adventures for the weekends.


We have a wide range of offerings to help your business grow

Europa Booking System

A customized booking system that is specifically designed for Virtual Reality Arcades.

The system dynamically allocates the entire or a portion of one of your arenas based on the size of the booking and the game selected. Using a user-friendly web-based dashboard, you can select the games offered, the maximum number of players, and the game's nature, resulting in a tailored and personalized experience for your customers.

The system streamlines various administrative tasks such as managing payments, gift certificates, waivers, and integration with Discord and Google calendars, among others, saving you time and money.


Social stories and word-of-mouth from your customers are crucial in promoting your business.


Our custom PhotoBooth app for Android devices enables you to capture photos of your customers after their experience, with an overlay featuring your company logo, game image, and their completion time.

The app integrates with our booking system and sends a tailored email to each player that you can customize, thanking them and attaching the photos taken of their team.


This generates positive customer feedback, and spreads the word about your amazing business.

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Just the games

Access to all of our Virtual Reality experiences and back end management systems.

No access to PhotoBooth or Europa booking systems

15% revenue share for any Lightning Rock titles played.

No Monthly Fee



0 Euro

Just the systems

Unlimited Access to PhotoBooth and Europa booking systems.

Unlimited bookings per month

Monthly Fee

220 AUD

145 USD

135 Euro

Games and Systems

Access to all of our Virtual Reality experiences and back end management systems.

Unlimited Access to PhotoBooth and Europa booking systems.

15% revenue share for any Lightning Rock titles played.

Unlimited Bookings

Monthly Fee

180 AUD

120 USD

110 Euro

Licensing packages

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