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Code Club

A fun, interactive and amazing Code Club for children and young people to learn more about computers, coding and how to make their own computer games!


More than just a place to learn, Code Crafters is a safe and supportive place where members gain a sense of belonging, build friendships and work together as a team.

Offering a mixture of individual and group learning on how to code, how to make a game and some free VR gaming time every session your kids will never be bored!!


What clubs are available?

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Code Craft: Foundations

This is the space to start for those people that are not familiar with coding or development. Members will be taught a simplified version of Unity's Create with Code course.

Code Craft: The Forge

A mid level course for those who are comfortable with the basics of coding and Unity. Members will learn about the essential aspects for creating a game and work together in teams to create their own.

Code Craft: New Worlds

This is a more advanced course for those familiar with the basics of coding. It starts teaching young people about expanding their skills into Virtual Reality development. Including hands on experience and creation of a free roam VR game!

Learning how to code is a gateway to so many cool areas such as AI, robotics, gaming, mixed reality and cyber security

Create amazing things!

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Learn new skills

In this changing world understanding how computers and code actually work is an amazing skill for children to have!

We will teach club participants the basics of the Unity development platform and coding with C#.

Using a practical outcome based learning (make a computer game!) is a great way to engage and help kids learn.

It will also surprise and challenge many kids just how important core learning areas such as maths and english come into play once they start to code!

Club details

Coding Clubs meet once a week at our Metaphysica - Tuggeranong location.

They run for two hours after school on varying times and days during the school term (9 weeks).

Class sizes are limited to a max of 10 and we have 2 staff on at all times to make sure kids get the attention and support they need.

We provide everything you need, laptops, headphones, tables, chairs. You just need to provide kids full of energy and excitement to learn!


Eligibility will vary based on the Club people attend. Our first club Code Craft: Foundations is targeted at children and young people aged between 9 and 17.

Club members will need to be able to read and write, with basic math skills and the ability to learn independently.

We will try to match club members of similar age and skills into the same class.

What do you do?!

Each club session is broadly broken up into the below sections:

Welcome and review our topic for the day - 15 mins

Mixture of individual and group learning - 60 minutes

Roundup, save projects and pack up - 15 mins

VR Free play gaming - 30 minutes

Safe and supportive

Code Crafters is designed to be welcoming to all. Each club member should feel included and valued, no discrimination, violence or abusive language is tolerated.

We keep numbers low, with 2 staff for 10 club members and support an individual learning pace.

Each participant will have their own headphones and rooms are sound dampened with minimal distractions.


Clubs run over the course of a semester, meeting once a week during the school term (9 weeks).

Each club session is 90 minutes learning, 30 minutes VR free play.

Pricing is $300 gst inc per school term.

We ask that payment is made in full prior to the term starting to hold your place.

Food and ameneties

Food and rink is not provided. Club members are encouraged to bring a bottle of water, if they would like they can bring snacks but we ask they avoid any products containing nuts.

Our Mitchell site has toilets onsite, Tuggeranong has a toilet block nearby. We do ask that Club members are able to self manage when it comes to using bathroom facilities.


All of our staff hold current working with vulnerable people cards and are well experienced working with hordes of enthusiastic and energised kids as part of running Metaphysica groups and parties.

You will not need to be onsite during the Club but Club members will be required to sign in and out by a guardian/parent or have permission from them to sign in/out by themselves.

The site will be closed to the public whilst a Code Club is active.

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