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Parties and Events

At Metaphysica we love running events! Perfect for birthdays, hens/bucks nights, corporate events and anything else you might think of. Players work together to solve exciting adventures using a variety of hints, clues, and puzzles. We can cater for up to 12 people in one event but please contact us to discuss options, pricing and your special event.

How the Games Work

Groups are divided into multiple teams. Teams are then placed in separate simulation rooms but both teams can play the same game at the same time or choose to play different games! Who will win? What matters most - your team's score or the time it takes to escape? Play the game to find out.

Our Facilities

Metaphysica has two simulation rooms that can support up to six people in a room per session, so twelve people can play at once. If you like to eat cake, good news! Our reception area is a space where guests can relax, snack and play video games while waiting for those still playing.

The Simulation Rooms

Our two simulation rooms are monitored by our staff members while your game is being played. Metaphysica Game Masters’ can communicate with you via microphone and see your game in both the virtual and physical world. Game Masters will offer assistance if required.

Virtual Reality Equipment

All players will wear wireless HTC Vive Pro headsets that weigh less than a kilo. These headsets will allow you to move freely and interact in VR. All Metaphysica equipment is very comfortable and most players forget they are wearing it after a while.

Event Pricing

2.5 Hour Booking - $660

What does the package include?

  • The whole venue is booked for your private use.
  • Unlimited VR adventures, average play time is 45-60 minutes (up to 8 players at a time).
  • Access to console and arcade games in our front reception when not in VR.
  • Tables and chairs for food, drink, cake (BYO catering).
  • Drinks fridge and snacks on site for purchase.
  • Multiple toilets on site and plenty of free parking out front.
  • This package includes 8 guests.

Extra guests are $66 each

Extra hours are $220 each

(plus $22 per hour for each extra guest)

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Events FAQ

What is a suitable ages for participants?

We strongly recommend players be at least 120 cm tall and/or 12 years old to participate for the safety and comfort of all players. These are puzzle games, and if the puzzle can’t be solved, the game doesn’t progress, our Game Masters are available to provide assistance but younger players may have difficulty understanding the hints and instructions provided by the Game Master. If younger players are to play we insist on an adult being present. If players are not following instructions and the equipment is at risk the game will be stopped.

Any players under 15 years of age require an adult or guardian to sign waivers on their behalf before starting.

When do we need to arrive?

We recommend that the organiser arrives at least 10 minutes early to get the paperwork out of the way. It is important that your guests arrive on time. If people are late Metaphysica may not be able to facilitate your full session and some games may be cut short.

Can we play any game?

You are welcome to play any game from our catalogue (see our experiences page), some of our games like the Huxley series only support a maximum of 4 players per room, so in larger parties you may need to rotate players.

Can you recommended some games?

We are happy for you to play any of our experiences during your event, if you're unsure what adventure might work well have a chat with our staff.

Do you have a party invitation template we can use?

We do, in fact we have two, one that you can write on and one you can type on.

Experience Length

Our experiences are usually between 45-60 minutes, some groups may finish faster.

Experience A New Reality

Are you and your team up to the challenge of solving our puzzles and escaping back to reality?
Book your event with Metaphysica today.

Book Your Event

Book Your Event

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