Covid-19 Information

Metaphysica uses the latest in wireless technology to deliver our state of the art Virtual Reality experiences. This is an ideal way to have a great time with friends and family whilst minimising any health risks.

Social Distancing

There is a maximum of 4 players per 36m2 space, and whilst you may occasionally move through the same space as others, there is no requirement for physical interaction between players, and our experiences are designed so it is rare players would be standing close to each other at any stage.

Virtual Interactions

All interaction is virtual. Each player has a personal headset and handheld controllers. These are the only items you ever have to touch through the entire experience and are not shared. There is never a situation where you have to touch something that another player or staff member has touched during your session.


All headsets and controllers are sanitised after each session, and again right before they are given to players. All staff adhere to social distancing, health requirements and practice hand hygiene whenever handling player equipment.


To minimise interactions with our staff and payment equipment, we ask that you pay in full through our website when making a booking. If this is not practical we ask that you try to use a contactless payment where possible.